Do you want a venue full of true fans that can’t wait for you to get on stage? If yes – keep on reading.

Imagine you’ve just written the best song in the world…

But the problem is that no one knows about it!

Yes, you can show your music to your band mates, friends and family. But if you want to play for a venue full of fans, you’ll need more than that.


Top performers from the marketing and business world can tell you that there are two things that truly matter when you want to be successful:

  1. Innovation. This is your unique product – your song. You have to be different of better than others in your field. If you complete this first step, you can move to the next one.
  2. Marketing. This is your story. Why and how are you different or better from others? What are the channels or places where you put your music and info? How do you communicate with your fans, audience and the rest of the world? In the business world, this seconds step is often more important than the first one. The same goes for music business.


You might think that you have to spend a lot of money to get on the music magazine cover or to get in Top40 radio stations

But we’re not living in 1990s anymore!

Social media, music blogs and YouTube can give you hundreds of thousands of listeners daily.

And you can do this for free!


So here they are…


5 Social Media Tips From TOP Marketing Agencies


1) Social Media Strategy

This one probably sounds complicated but it’s not.

Start by following similar artists in your genre. See where they catch their fans, where and how they put their stuff out.

Think about social media platforms you want to use and write down what you are going to do in each platform.

For example, you can choose to be active in just Facebook and Instagram.

On the Facebook you should put out more or less official stuff – show updates, new releases, big announcements etc.

On the other hand, Instagram is great for backstage diaries, studio shoots, behind the scenes and some personal photos and videos. You don’t want to get too official there. Instead, show more of your daily life.

Don’t hurry and start with one or two platforms. Find and collect your audience in one place, then migrate to another.

Remember – quality over quantity.

It really doesn’t matter if you have 100 followers on Facebook, 150 on Instagram, 200 on Twitter etc. Instead you should start with one platform and keep doing your job there. Start with 100 followers on Facebook, communicate daily, put your best stuff out and grow this number day by day to 1000, 5000, 10’000 and so on.


2) Quality

Don’t upload low quality or blurry images on Instagram.

If you’ve just got a live video from you latest gig, make sure you’re ok with it both in terms of quality and content. Every single thing you put out there is your branding.

You’ll never know who is watching your videos or reading your posts. Maybe this reader is some important guy from music industry or booking agency.

Be aware that if you participate in a contest or you send an email with request to a booking agent, first thing they’ll do is visit your Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Let’s be honest – if your YouTube channel consists of one video with your live performance in a small, empty pub years ago, you won’t get any deal. Period.

So the first thing you should do after reading this article is double checking all your feeds and social media platforms and deleting anything you’re not sure about.

In situations like these, some feedback from different experts can really help (don’t ask it to your friends – they won’t tell you the truth). Or if you want, just write me an email and I’ll share my thoughts.


3) Value

Value is the most important word in marketing!

Don’t beg your audience to visit your shows and don’t try to sell.

Give them the best experience online, put out great photos and videos from your gigs online, show how cool it is to visit your gigs, give them a story they’ll miss and later they’ll show up in your gigs by themselves.

This is one of the biggest secrets in business!

When you give out your best, most valuable content for free, you don’t need to hire a sales guy!

Think about this.

Imagine you have a really good song. First you should make a short 20-second teaser that you post on the Facebook. Afterwards, you should post 1-minute video series from recording studio.

You don’t need to promote your song anymore because your audience is already engaged.

Then, later on, you should publish a post with something like “3 days left..” and after 3 days – BOOM! – your audience is starving!


Ask yourself this: “If someone follows you only on Facebook and Instagram, but they don’t visit your shows and don’t buy music, are they still getting the best value, the best experience from you?

If Yes – good job, you know how to communicate and build a fan base.

If No – this “someone” will probably never visit your show!


4) Consistency

Consistency is the secret number two!

This is how the world of mouth works.

You have to post content regularly. You have to post on the Facebook 3 times a week, You have to post pictures and videos on Instagram every two days.

If you keep on going like this, day by day you’ll grow your fan base.

In the first week you’ll probably get only 2 or 3 more fans but next week you’ll get 7 fans. After a month you’ll have 40 to 50 fans who will start communicate to the rest of the world. After a few more months you’ll have 200 or 300 followers.

If every 10 out of 100 fans tell something good about you to one of their friends and if half of these new people become your new fans, then you just got 5 new fans out of 100 old fans. 5 out of 100 is 5%…

Imagine you have 500 followers, 500×5%=25. This means that every day you can get 25 new followers only by posting regularly.

If you calculate this on a larger scale, in long term (30 days) you can get something like this – ((500*5%)+500)=525; ((525*5%)+525)=551…

… in just 30 days you will have 2160 followers.


5) Authenticity

Don’t copy! Tell your own story!

In the 5th tip you have to figure out your own story.

If you copy every posted word from another band, you’ll soon be called a copycat.

It’s ok to look for an inspiration on the other brands Facebook feed. You can learn something useful, because almost all major artists are working with professional marketing companies.

However, you don’t have to copy every single word. Write your own story!

Remember that people don’t want another Metallica, another Justin Bieber or another Coldplay; they want something new and interesting!



Don’t worry if you have only 100 or 1000 followers on Facebook.

Even 10 people make up an audience.

Write down your social media strategy – which platforms you’ll use, what kind of content you’ll publish.

Think how you can produce the best and the most valuable content possible.

Tell your story and tell it every day – be consistent.

Be authentic – show why and how are you different from others – and soon other people will start talking about you!