Your best song is nothing!

… unless you show it to your listeners.


You’ve probably been in a situation when you finish your song, create a great cover art and post a video on Youtube. What usually happens next? Most of the artists start to count the video views and likes and waits for the “magical” success to come.

Technically you’ve published your song but to get to the success, it’s not enough.


Your Goal

If you treat your song as a product, you should show it to a large group of people and hope that they’ll care.

Hopefully, they’ll start talking about your band with other people, show their interest by digging deeper into your music and, eventually, they’ll show up in your gigs.

Is this what you’re looking for?



If you upload your new single on Youtube and post about it on Facebook, it’s not enough.

It’s not even close…

Sure, it depends on the number of your Facebook followers and Youtube subscribers. But still, if 500 people hear your new song, it’s not enough. These 500 listeners are from your inner circle; they are your friends and fans already. If you want to get new fans, you have to reach new audiences.



To show your new music to larger audiences, you should think of your song release as a campaign.

Every campaign starts with a plan – when, how and where you publish and promote your song.

The more publications you have, the larger audience you can reach!


You can write your own campaign plan using these essential bullet points:


Checklist for You Next Single Release

Make a publication plan for 1 month (1 week before release, 3 weeks after)

  • Find an online distributor that’ll help you to put your music on iTunes, Spotify etc. (e.g. Tune Core; CD Baby)


  • Collect a list of online media and press that can publish your release.

Don’t start with major music media like Kerrang or Rolling Store. It’s almost impossible to get in there without the right PR person. Use your local media, some smaller sites and newspapers. List size depends on your location, start with 30-50 publication spots.


  • Collect a list of all possible music blogs in your genre you can reach. Blogs are more friendly to review your music and publish your stuff than online media and press. They are more independent.


  • Which social media platforms do you use? Make a publication plan for each of them. Set up a schedule in MS Excel or Word and write down every post you’re planning to publish.

Start posting 1 week before the actual release – make a teaser or other kind of announcement.

Warm up your audience before you give them a song. Write a post every two days. Put some band photos and videos from the recording studio on Facebook.

Use both – your personal feed and bands feed.

Announce a secret gig for your fans! Drive them crazy before you release your new material.

After releasing, keep your Facebook and Instagram feed warm for two to three weeks.

If you have any radio or media interviews – post about that. Also, post any behind the scenes stuff.

If you have special rehearsals for upcoming gigs – post it!

Give your audience a feeling that something big is happening and everybody is talking about that!


  • Send your music to all local radio stations related to your genre.

Being played on the radio is very important. You can start with your local stations, and then move to the bigger ones. For major stations, there’s always a new music playlist you can get on.


  • Set up a promo campaign

It’s expensive to buy a banner in Spotify or in the mass media.

But with Facebook Ads you can show your song to the thousands of people for just a couple of dollars.

If you don’t know how to use the Facebook Ads platform, find some help .

Facebook Ads platform gives you great targeting choices and it’s definitely one of the cheapest ways to promote your new single, album or tour. For example, you can set up a campaign targeted to 16-25 year old women living in Canada that like Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park and are interested in alternative rock.


  • Find 15-20 friends that’ll share your new single on social media.

This will help you to reach more people. Also, it’ll look better when your band’s Facebook post will have 20 shares instead of 3. It’s always easier to get Facebook shares and publications from your friends and close people. So why not use this?


  • If it’s possible, find 5-10 influencers related to the music industry that can share your stuff.

Also, a few well-known people in society can help here.

For example, contact a few radio DJs, TV personalities or bloggers. These people should be in your circle of friends. By making it so, it’ll be easier to communicate with them and persuade them to share your post or release.

If you don’t know any of these people privately, don’t worry. Just start with your friends that have a lot of other friends or followers on Facebook.


Stick to the date

Be sure to make your plan approximately one month before you start. Different radio stations and media have their own schedules and deadlines!

For printed media you have to send your information one month before the next issue (sometimes 2 or 3 months).

Radio stations have a meeting once a week (or once per two weeks) when they set up a new music playlist.

For media you can send out your single and press release 2 or 3 days before the actual release.

For blogs – maybe 1 or 2 weeks before the release.