Hey, my name is Andrew and I am the founder of Music & Success.

Do You Ask Yourself these questions:

– Is there any formula to success?
– How can I reach new audiences and get new fans without spending a future?
– Is this possible to play music, live your dream life and earn a lot of money?

If so, you’re at the right place! No matter if you’re a pro artist, manager, adventurer or a young singer songwriter, you want to get new fans, write good music, perform in front of thousands of people, be successful and you don’t want to spend a boat load of money and 10 years of trying…


How Music & Success Can Help You Right Now!

We live in internet era. You don’t have to be picked, there are no gatekeepers anymore. You just have to show up with your best stuff, use the right strategies and the world is yours!

We live in an unprecedented age of music industry.

Internet, social media and digital music platforms have opened doors for musicians and bands to push their careers to new heights without being controlled by contracts and shady record deals.


Yeah, but how it’s possible?

You probably already have all the songs you need to start building a successful career. You just need a strategy and a few tips in music business and marketing.

But who wants to shift through the hundreds of books, interviews, podcasts, online articles, blog posts and videos to learn the methods of marketing, music management, human psychology, business and online sales…

Music & Success gives You the core essence of methods, tactics, mindsets, strategies and success stories from World-Class TOP Performers in Marketing and Business so you can build your own strategy and skyrocket your career!

Actually You can start doing this TODAY and you’ll see the results.



No Excuses, Sorry!

I have a different way of looking at artists and their careers.

First, I want to educate, inspire and empower musicians and band managers by sharing the most valuable content You can find in business and marketing books, online articles, blogs and podcasts.

Second, I believe that the Old Music Industry model is nearly dead and You don’t need ten contracts by other companies involved to reach hundreds of thousands of fans and be successful. There are core lessons and methods successful entrepreneurs are using every day that You can use to build Your career in music Business.

You already have all the skills to succeed! You just need new way of thinking.

Music & Success will change the way You think about music business. If You’re ready to get started then sign up for the email list and let’s get to work!



About Andrew

I love music and marketing.

So I built my life and career around those two things. I play music from the 2nd grade. In high school I started a band and later found my passion in business and marketing.

After University while working my day job in marketing I realised that these two things (music and marketing) can be combined.

I started to dig really deep in those things and found that You can use the most important lessons in business and marketing and implement them in your career in music. And that works really well!

If You’re looking for the formula how to redefine your goals, build success and live Your dream, then you’re going to love the information I share with you. This material works, and the best way to get my information is to sign up for the mailing list!