4 STEPS TO A Successful Music Bussines

Stop wasting your time and start playing the real music industry game!


Stop Wasting Your Time And Start Making Real Money With Your Music!
This was painful for me, but what about you? When I was growing up some of my teachers told me that musicians are poo...
8 Step Checklist for You Next Single Release
Your best song is nothing! ... unless you show it to your listeners.   You've probably been in a situation...

Quotes We Love

"I wish there had been a music business 101 course I could have taken."
- Kurt Cobain
"Your Legacy is Being Written By Yourself. Make the Right Decisions!"
- Gary Vaynerchuk
"Art Isn’t A Result. It’s A Journey!"
- Seth Godin
"Just show up and magic things will happen."
- Paul McCartney
"You don't have to be picked. In this Internet era You just have to write your best stuff and put it out there!"
- Jared Leto